Frequently Asked Questions about MyCanEd Panel

What is MyCanEd Panel?

MyCanEd is a new, online community for post-secondary students. It's a forum for post-secondary students in Canada to share their thoughts and feelings about their educational experiences. It was created by and is being administered by the Canadian Education Project.

Members of MyCanEd will receive a monthly newsletter that provides interesting and relevant information for students. It also includes some highlights from MyCanEd's research.

What I am signing up for when I join MyCanEd?

When you join MyCanEd, you are signing up to be invited to participate in different types of research including surveys, focus groups and individual interviews. You are not obligated to participate in any of the research, but participating in the research will earn chances to win prizes. Joining MyCanEd also makes you eligible to receive a monthly newsletter with information that is of interest to Canadian post-secondary students.

Who can join MyCanEd Panel?

Current post-secondary education students who are older than 18 years of age are eligible to become members of MyCanEd Panel.

Can my friends and family members join?

Friends and family members who are current post-secondary education students and who are older than 18 years of age are eligible to join MyCanEd Panel. They must have a valid university email address in order to become members of MyCanEd.

What are my obligations toward MyCanEd Panel?

You have no obligations toward MyCanEd. As a member of MyCanEd, you will receive email invitations for opportunities to participate in various types of research and receive a monthly newsletter.

What do I get out of MyCanEd Panel?

Joining MyCanEd enables you to win monthly prizes. These prizes include one cash prize of $250 and two cash prizes of $100. By being a member of the panel, you will have an opportunity to have your voice heard about issues that are important to Canadian PSE students, like yourself. You will be part of a community that wants to influence public policy and make Canadian education system one of the best in the world. You also will gain access to a newsletter that is written by some of Canada's leading experts on post-secondary education. The newsletter will keep you informed about the latest research and policy in post-secondary education, relevant dates and opportunities for financial aid and institutional applications, and important advice regarding planning for your continued education and future.

How do I win prizes through MyCanEd Panel?

All MyCanEd Panel members will be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw and receive one (1) entry to win monthly prizes. You will also have additional chances to enter the draw by completing surveys we send you. Each time you complete a survey you will receive additional one (1) entry into the monthly prize draw.

How is the information collected for MyCanEd Panel being used?

Higher Education Strategy Associates Inc. (the "Company"), the parent company of the Canadian Education Project and the MyCanEd panel, is committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality and privacy of its respondents'/participants' personal information. Any time you participate as a respondent/participant in one of our surveys, you can be assured that your individual responses will be kept confidential and never linked to your personal identifying information without your express permission. For more information on our Privacy Policy, please click on the following link.

What if I no longer want to be a part of MyCanEd?

Signing up does not obligate you to participate in any future research and you can unsubscribe from MyCanEd at any time. When you leave MyCanEd, you will forfeit your membership in this community, including chances to win monthly draws and receiving the monthly newsletter. Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer be invited to participate in any research. To unsubscribe form MyCanEd, please send an email to the following email address: indicating that choice.

What happens if I leave or graduate from post-secondary education?

If you leave or graduate from post-secondary education, it would be helpful if you would inform us. MyCanEd staff will also regularly update the database, noting when members plan to complete their post-secondary education studies. If you have told us that you plan to leave or complete your studies at a certain time, we will send you a confirmation email and an exit survey before removing you from our list. As well, in the future, we hope to be able to create a MyCanEd community for graduate students and alumni so that you will be able to maintain your connection to MyCanEd after leaving your undergraduate studies.

Where can I get additional information about MyCanEd?

For more information on MyCanEd, please email

Who's behind MyCanEd Panel?

MyCanEd is a creation of the Canadian Education Project, a Toronto-based consultancy that focuses on education and youth. The Canadian Education Project is part of the Higher Education Strategy Associates .